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The Beauty and The Lord

Title: The Beauty and The Lord
Author: Valeria Anne
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairings: Darken/OC.
Spoilers: After "Tears"
Summary: Rahl meets a girl who was kidnapped by one of his Mord-Siths. Will her fate be like all the other girls that Rahl met before or not? 
I DO NOT own "The legend of The Seeker" TV series or "The Sword of Truth" Novel Series. The novel series is owned by Terry Goodkind. GOD BLESS HIM :-)

Chapter 2: Who Do You Think You Are?

It was night when Darken Rahl reached the People's Palace, back from the Mord-Siths' temple, along with the mysterious girl. She was walking behind him, accompanied by a guard, who was pulling her arm. Rahl ignored her, he didn't exchange a word with her since they left the temple as they returned back to the palace through ordinary roads (no blue flames). It was all a part of his plan to destroy her strength and kill her pride before reaching his bedchamber. He was looking forward to having a special night.

They kept walking till they reached Rahl's bedchamber, then Rahl turned to the guard and pointed to him to leave. The guard nodded in agreement, left the girl's arm, turned around and walked away. Rahl watched him till he disappeared, then he opened the door, looking at the girl, "Ladies first.", he said. She didn't move, she just kept looking at him with empty looks. He felt furious, but he kept it hidden. He pushed her inside and closed the door firmly. He looked at her and said, "I am trying to be gentle with you, but if you don't want it, fine, we can try something else, something harsher". The girl kept looking at him, and he couldn't understand what those looks meant. He thought at the beginning that she was acting, back at the temple, but she would drop the act once they reach the palace. He thought so because no sane girl would dare to do what she did on purpose. Maybe she was upset because of Heather. But, here they are, alone, at his bedchamber, and nothing changed, the same looks, the same silence.

He walked to the table beside the fireplace, grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. He poured the wine in the two glasses while she was investigating the room. He walked towards her, smiling, stretching his arm and saying, "White wine, my favorite one, not red, like everyone thinks". He waited for her to take the glass but she didn't. This time he couldn't hide it anymore. No woman has ever treated him that way. She was supposed to be scared, to be frightened to death, but she wasn't. Doesn't she know what would happen next? He casted the two glasses to the ground, then he grabbed her two arms and screamed, "If you think this is going to help you, then you are wrong. You are just making me angry and this is not good for you."

She looked at him with a look of challenge, "I don't care".

Rahl couldn't stop himself, he slapped her very hard that she fell on the floor. He then grabbed her arm and forced her to stand up. He looked at her eyes and said in a low voice, "You are going to pay for what you just said, mysterious girl. I will teach you how to talk to your king. Just pray I won't punish you for all the other things you did since you challenged my Mord-Siths back at your village". He pushed her to the bed, and he took his upper robe off, he looked at her, "If you don't want to be treated gently, then I will give you what you want. Just be careful what you wish for".

He grabbed her arm and forced her to stand up again. He looked at her eyes for a few moments and then he said with a smile, "Would you like me to help you take off your dress or you are old enough to do it yourself?". She looked at him with a look of disguise and said, "You will not touch me. You won't have me but a dead body". Rahl laughed for a few moments before saying, "Really? Is that what you think? Fine, I have an idea. Why don't we bet? But I have to warn you, because I always win". He suddenly pushed her on the bed and leaned against her, trying to kiss her, but she faught fiercely. He tried to hold her still but he couldn't. She was really fighting with all her strength as she was really determined not to let him touch her. But this refusal made him more determined to have her. No woman has ever dared to fight him. How could she be so strong?

"No, I won't let her win, she is mine. They are all mine. I am Lord Rahl.", he said to himself.

He grabbed his dagger that he always kept at his belt and put it on her neck. The end of the blade was on her throat. She suddenly stopped moving. He smiled and said, "I told you, I always win". For a few moments, he was the winner, until she made a sudden move. She looked at him and moved up a little till the blade scratched her skin, and said, "I also told you, You will have me as a dead body. Only a dead body". Rahl looked at her, surprised. Was she going to let the blade penetrate her neck? Was she really going to kill herself only for not letting him touch her? He took the knife away, then he stood up, still looking at her. He thought maybe it was better if he leaves her alone for tonight. Tomorrow would be different. Then, he thought maybe he should let her go back home. In no time, he chose the second option. He walked towards the door when he suddenly stopped.

"NO.", he said loudly.

He turned to face her. She was still lying on the bed. He looked at her angrily and screamed, "NO, I will not let you win. No one dares to stand against me. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? The least maid in my palace is better than you. I will be back tomorrow. You'd better get prepared, because tomorrow, I won't hesitate to stab you with my knife if you don't comply to what I say". He opened the door, calling for one of the guards. The guard came in, waiting for what his master would say. Rahl kept looking at the girl till the guard said, "My lord? How can I serve you?".

Rahl looked at him, and said, "Take her to the eastern room".

The guard walked to the bed, but before he reached it, the girl stood up. He grabbed her arm and they walked towards the door, but before reaching it, she stopped, looked to Rahl and said, "My name is Isabella. Isabella Knight. And I am not a village girl".

She walked through the door without waiting for Rahl's responce. But the fact is that, he didn't respond. He stood still, not knowing what to do. "Who is that girl?", he said.

Chapter 3: Take Over Control

Once Isabella left with the guard, Rahl threw himself on his bed. He kept looking at the ceiling, thinking about what happened. "How could she look so cohesive and serene? How dare she challenge Heather? She wouldn't do that, unless she knew she could fight well, and it seems that she does. And the agiel....that's another mystery! How could she hold it with her hand? She is not pristinely ungifted and she is not a mord-sith, then how?"

Rahl was so confused, especially at what happened when he put his dagger on her neck. He saw it in her eyes that she was really willing to kill herself if he tried to force her. All girls who were brought to him -against their will- tried to fight a little, perhaps to console themselves and to convince themselves that they tried to protect themselves but in vain. But she.....she was not trying to prove anything to herself, on the contrary she seemed to be proving something to him, that he will lose and that she is not like the others.

When Rahl reached this point, he rose up sitting on the bed. He couldn't allow anyone to mock him. No one dared to stand against him or violate his orders, then what about a normal girl? She must be insane or.......insane. He couldn't find another word to describe her.

"No. This will never happen. She is mine, whether she likes it or not. I will have her, even if I have to train her and turn her into a mord-sith", he shouted.

In the eastern room, Isabella kept walking back and forth, thinking of a way out of this place. Actually, she was thinking of a way to escape from Rahl, although she knew that was impossible, but she was not willing to surrender to him. In the end, she realized that she must retain her strength and to get some sleep so that she could think clearly. She threw herself on the bed, hoping she could get some rest before tomorrow's battle. She tried so hard to clear her mind, but she couldn't. She felt that he will storm into the room at any moment. Besides, being forced to sleep at the People's Palace -even if she was sleeping alone- gave her a bad feeling. She finally said in low voice, "Get some sleep, Belle. It might be your last".

It was early morning when Isabella woke up. She was used to waking up early. She got up from bed, and walked towards the window. She looked through it to the yard outside. She smiled, she couldn't deny that the sight was fantastic; the trees and the flowers, even the sky looked clear, it seemed that the weather was good. Suddenly, she remembered why she was brought here. Her smile faded, she walked away from the window and said, "Poisonous beauty". Moments later, she heard gentle knocks on the doors. Isabella knew that it wasn't Rahl; he wouldn't knock first.

She said, "Enter".

A girl -about 18 years old- opened the door, carrying a tray of food. She smiled at Isabella and said, "May I come in?" Isabella stood still for a moment, "Is there anyone in this place who can talk politely?" she thought, and then she said, "Of course", smiling back at her. The girl walked into the room and placed the tray on a small table beside the window, then turned to Isabella, "There are some dresses in the wardrobe and I can prepare the bath for you now if you want. Is there anything else you need?". Isabella looked at the girl for a few moments before saying, "No, thank you." The girl nodded then turned to leave, but before reaching the door, Isabella said, "What's your name?". The girl turned around and said, "My name is Nyla, and I'll be at your service throughout your stay here". Isabella looked at her, surprised, "My stay!!!!........anyway, thank you, Nyla".

Nyla left the room, and Isabella felt angry. "He has ordered a maid to be in my service for the 'duration of my stay here', so funny." Isabella was furious. He was already treating her as his mistress; a maid to serve her, dresses in the wardrobe for her, and maybe he has already bought a piece of jewellery for her. Isabella walked towards the table beside the window, "If I have to fight, I'll need energy". She sat on the chair beside the table, removed the cover of the tray and started eating.

At the same time, Darken Rahl was heading to heading to the meeting hall to meet his commanders. He reached the hall, "Good morning" he said. The commanders responded, "Good morning, my lord". Rahl looked at them, and then he said, "I can't see Commander Garrison. Where is he?" Egramont leaned on Rahl's ear and said in a low voice, "He apologizes for not attending the meeting; he hasn't finished the task entrusted to him by you, not yet". Rahl nodded to Egramont, then looked at the commanders and said, "I have ordered to meet with you today to discuss some important issues. I have been away for a long time, but I am back now and I would like to be informed -in detail- about what happened throughout the period of my absence".

Rahl spent hours talking with the commanders, discussing with them many issues. And when it was time for lunch, Rahl raised his hand, saying" Let us take a break and to go for lunch". The commanders, including Egramont, kept looking at each other. Rahl noticed that, so he asked, "Is there something wrong?". They looked at each other again; no one dared to speak, until Egramont looked at Rahl and said, "No, my lord. Nothing is wrong. But you have never invited us to dine with you before". Rahl stared at them and then burst into laughing. After a few moments he stopped laughing -but still smiling- and looked at them and said, "Let's say I follow a new policy and approach."

After lunch, Rahl and the commanders continued the meeting till he felt exhausted. He looked at them and said, "I think that's enough for today. We shall continue tomorrow". The commanders stood up, saluted their lord and left the room. Rahl stayed with Egramont discussing some points for the tomorrow's meeting. Once they finished, Egramont looked at Rahl and said, "I have heard that a new girl was brought to you". Rahl looked at Egramont for a while before he said, "And what is so special about that?" Egramont paused for a while, and then he said, "I heard about what happened between that girl and Heather".

Rahl looked at Egramont suspiciously, "How did you know? Heather won't say such a thing". Egramont smiled and said, "Not Heather, my lord. It is someone else. It seems that many mord-siths have been talking about it. It is a very strange incident". Rahl smiled back at Egramont, "Don't worry, Egramont. The girl will be punished for what she did…..for all what she did, but not tonight". Egramont looked confused, "Why not, my lord? She has to be punished quickly to be set as an example for anyone of those villagers who thinks about standing against your orders". Rahl -still smiling- said, "Be patient, Egramont".

Before Egramont could ask another question, Rahl left the room. He headed towards his bedchambers. He was thinking about her, about what she was feeling at the moment. She was definitely not aware of his small plan; he was not going to go to her room for the next few days. He was not even going to meet her-even accidentally-. He was going to make her wait for him to come at any moment, just to comfort her from the torment of waiting. He was going to make her wish that he came. He knew more than anyone else what it meant to wait for something bad to happen. For him, thats girl was no longer just a girl that was brought to him for temporary pleasure. It became a challenge for him.

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