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The Beauty and The Lord

Title: The Beauty and The Lord
Author: Valeria Anne
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairings: Darken/OC.
Spoilers: After "Tears"
Summary: Rahl meets a girl who was kidnapped by one of his Mord-Siths. Will her fate be like all the other girls that Rahl met before or not? 
I DO NOT own "The legend of The Seeker" TV series or "The Sword of Truth" Novel Series. The novel series is owned by Terry Goodkind. GOD BLESS HIM :-)

Chapter 1: What's your name?
It was early morning when Darken Rahl woke up, feeling upset, displeased and annoyed. His last night was quite a mess. That woman they brought for him was not exactly what he expected. he expected something more......savage, but there was nothing special about it. He had to -literally- kick the woman out of his bedchamber and he threatened to kill the one who brought her once he woke up. Not only that, he also had a very strange dream that he couldn't understand; he dreamt that he was lost in a desert, thirsty, hungry, tired, so close to death, then, a girl appeared from the middle of nowhere. She was very beautiful. She walked towards him, leaned against him and kissed him. It was a sweet kiss that gave him his strength back. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and when he opened his eyes, she was gone.
That dream really made him upset. It was meaningless. He hated the feeling of being lost even if it was just a dream. He needed something...or someone to refresh him. He decided to pay a visit to the Mord-Siths temple. He was pretty sure that they had all the experience they needed to cheer their beloved lord and make it up for him (based on years of self experience). Once he thought of that, a smile was drawn on his face. He got up from bed, walked to his bathroom. he washed his face and then he headed to his wardrobe to get dressed.
In a few seconds he was transported to the Mord-Siths' temple.
"Good morning, mistress Brenda", he said, as she was standing in the hall where he was transported.
"Good moring, my lord. What a sudden and unexpected visit!", Brenda said.
"I don't remember that I need your permission before I can come.", Rahl said with a look in his eyes. A look of anger mixed with a bit of irony.
"Of course not, my lord. I didn't mean that. Please, accept my apology.", she said, kneeling on the floor.
"It is alright, Brenda. But, remember, I am in a very bad mood, so don't try to upset me more than I already am.", he said, looking at her with a look of threat.
"If me lord allows me, I will send for some of my sisters to help you get better. We are alive only to serve you". She said, still kneeling on the floor.
"Make it quick, I will be waiting for them at the bath." , he said, smiling.
Brenda headed to get what Rahl ordered, while he headed to the bath. Once he reached it, he started taking his clothes off. Once he finished, he stepped in the bath, feeling the warmth of the water.
Brenda came back with three of her sisters, naked (all but Brenda) and beautiful and fierce. Exactly what Rahl preferred. The three Mord-Siths stepped in the bath, all looking at Rahl with eyes full of desire, lust and a silent agreement that they would do whatever he asked for just to please him.
Once they reached him, they started pouring water on his body with their hands, touching him in a certain manner that would make moan. He closed his eyes, imagining that night when he would return to his bed with one of them, or maybe the three.
The next moment, there was a scream, a scream of a woman. Then a couple of moments later, there was another scream, and another and another. Rahl opened his eyes in astonishment. The others were shocked, no one knew the source of these screams. A few moments later, a woman appeared from the corridor, with half of her face covered in blood.
"Mistress Heather, what happened to you?", Brenda asked, still shocked.
"It is that bitch......SHE HIT ME WITH THE FOOD PLATE !!!!", said Heather angerily, trying to sweep the blood.
"I didn't expect it. It was a sudden attack. But don't worry, She was punished for it. I touched her with the agiel until she was just one inch from dropping dead, and this is just the beginning."
Darken was still in a shock. He has never heard such screams in that place. The training of young girls didn't take place here. This was his place, his private place. His shock was mixed with anger for being disturbed, especially that his last night didn't go well and he really needed to relax.
A few moments later, Rahl looked at Brenda and Heather and said,"Would anyone of you kindly explain to me what is happening here? and who is that "bitch" who dared to hit one of my Mord-Siths and how could she do it? As far as I know, my Mord-Siths should be strong enough to protect themselves against such "attacks"? Actually, I find it very funny......EXPLAIN TO ME IMMEDIATELY".
Brenda took a step forward, then she said, "Two weeks ago, we attacked a village named "Carden" to get some new girls to be trained. That was supposed to be very easy. We were about to leave with the girls when she appeared.... asking for the girls or she will have to fight for getting them back. We thought she was crazy, I mean how could she challenge us knowing that we could kill her in no time? We didn't take her seriously but Heather was so upset that such a normal girl dared to challenge a Mord-Sith, so Heather simply accepted the challenge."
A few moments passed, while Rahl was looking at Brenda waiting for her to continue, but she didn't. She kept looking at him.
"Then, what happened?", he asked.
Brenda opened her mouth to answer but she couldn't speak. He was about to yell at her face when Heather took a step forward and said, "After I told that girl that I accepted the challenge, she drew her sword and........."
"She drew her sword? she had a sword?", he asked, surprised.
"Yes, my lord. I drew my agiels and she drew her sword and we started fighting, then......".
"Should I beg each one of you to continue? SPEAK, HEATHER.", he screamed.
"I have to admit that what happened was out of my expectations. She was a very good sword fighter, she was figthing fiercely, although she couldn't wound me but I couldn't even get close enough to touch her with the agiel. It took me some time before I could get closer, but that's when something strange happened."
"Don't say she is immuned against the touch of the agiel". He said Sarcastically.
"No, my lord, she is not. However, the effect of the agiel on her is different."
"How different? didn't she feel pain?"
"She did, my lord, but not like the others. It looked like she could handle the pain for a while before breaking down. The effect on the agiel on her is less than its effect on others."
Rahl kept looking at Heather, trying to find out if that story was real or not. He then signed at her to continue.
"When I touched her with the agiel and she felt its pain, she screamed for a few moments before...... before holding it with her free hand (as her right hand was still holding the sword) and gribbing it from mine and throwing it on the ground, then..she stabbed me."
Rahl was in a great shock. he couldn't believe what his Mord-Sith was saying, yet, he preferred to listen to the story till it ends before commenting.
Heather looked at Brenda urging her to continue. Brenda said, "It was unexpected to all of us, my lord. We thought that she was just a showy girl who wants the people at her village to see her as a hero, or maybe she was related to one of the girls. We were sure that Heather would handle it very easily, and that's why we didn't interfere. But as soon as we saw that girl stabbing Heather, we ran towards her with our agiels in our hands and we didn't leave her until she fainted out of pain, then I revived Heather, and we decided to bring her here to punish her for what she did, especially that..... we lost all the girls."
"That is just perfect. So, a village girl who is supposed to know nothing about life more than cooking and making love to her man, fought one of my "toughest" Mord-Siths and literally killed her, and she is also a little immuned against the magic of the agiel. Oh, I almost forgot, she hit you with a food plate. And, above all of that....YOU LOST THE DAMNED GIRLS."
Rahl was beyond furious. His day was just getting worse. He was also surprised that such an incident took place. How couldn't Heather kill that girl since the first moment? She was supposed to be one of the his strongest Mord-Siths. He was so sure of that, then what made things go differently this time? What is so special about that girl?
"Bring her to me, emmediately.", Darken said, trying to keep calm.
"Who do you mean, my lord?", Heather asked with a look of stupidity in her eyes.
"The girl, Heather. The one who challenged you and killed you and hit you. GO AND BRING HER HERE, NOW", Rahl screamed.
Heather felt the anger of her master. She knew that he would punish her for that later. "Yes, my lord", she said.
Rahl closed his eyes trying to get relaxed while the three Mord-Siths in the bath continued pouring water on his body, while Heather disappeared in the long corridor leading to the dungeon. A few minutes later, she returned back grabbing the girl from her arm.
"That's her , my lord." She said, smiling. She knew that the girl would be punished, too. She also might be Rahl's guest for tonight, and what punishment could be worse than that for such "innocent" girls?
Rahl opened his eyes. He could only admit that she was......gorgeous. Maybe the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. she had long black silky hair, green eyes, and her skin was white and seemed so soft though he didn't touch it. Her face was so calm, and so fierce at the same time. Her features seemed....royal.
"She can't be just a village girl.", he said to himself.
She was looking at him with a look of fury and disgust that he couldn't mistaken. He has seen that look on many girls' faces but it was always mixed with fear, but that was different. That girl was not scared, at all. On contrary, she seemed very strong.
"What's your name?", he asked her.
"Does it make a difference? All the girls are the same to you, existed for your pleasure, right?", she said, smiling in irony.
Heather drew her agiel to hit her, but Rahl pointed to her not to do it.
"So, you won't tell me your name? fine. We can discuss that later....... at my bedchamber", he said while looking at her trying to figure out the effect of his words on her. But, to his surprise, she didn't even blink.
It made him mad that he can't make her feel uncomfortable and scared, but he hid his feeling. She was upseting him, standing in front of him, not scared at all, even after he implied that she would be his guest tonight. He wouldn't let her win. So, he thought of something else. Suddenly, he stepped out of the bath, naked. Brenda offered him a towel but he ignored her. He walked towards the girl, who looked away, feeling embarrased that there's a naked man standing in front of her. Her embarrassment was shown on her face, and he liked it. He walked closer to her, almosh an inch away. He leaned to her ear and whispered, "You can have it, tonight.". He was about to kiss her on her neck when she suddenly looked at him and put her hand on his chest to push him away, "NO.", she said firmly, stepping away from him, still trying to keep her eyes away from his naked body.
Rahl took a step backwards, surprised. "What kind of woman is she? unbreakable?", he thought.
He signed to Brenda to hand the towel to him, then he wrapped it around his waist. There was silence for over a minute. Rahl was thinking deeply, looking at the girl, then to Brenda and Heather, then back to the girl. He looked at the ground, then he lifted his head, looking at Brenda, "Prepare her. She is coming with me.", he said, then he looked at the girl, but still no change. This -no responce- drove him crazy, he screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HER PERMISSION?".
Brenda grabbed the girl and pushed her hard that the girl nearly hit the wall. Rahl shouted, "Careful, Brenda. I want her one piece. She is no use to me dead, or wounded. I accept nothing but whole things."
"Of course, my lord." said Brenda, looking at Heather. They were both smiling.

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