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My Fake Brother

Title: My Fake Brother
Author: Valeria Anne
Rating: K
Genre: Drama
Summary: Jennsen sends a message to her "brother", Darken Rahl, replying to his accusations that she betrayed him.

I DO NOT own "The legend of The Seeker" TV series or "The Sword of Truth" Novel Series. The novel series is owned by Terry Goodkind. GOD BLESS HIM :-)

You accused me of betraying you.
You said that I stole the boxes of Orden from you.
But the truth is that, I didn't steal anything from you.
I returned them back to the one who deserved them.
To Richard, the true seeker.
To Richard, my brother. My real brother.
But you....you can't be my brother.
What?....did it surprise you?
Don't look at me like that!
Did you think I still love you after what I knew?
I loved you and trusted you.
I was willing to do anything to help you.
You convinced me that Richard -our brother- was evil.
You convinced me that you were a good person and that you would do whatever it takes to protect your people.
But the truth is that, you would do anything to gain the ultimate power of Orden even if you have to kill your people.
You convinced me that Richard hated me.
That he sent his men after me.
That he didn't care for our family bond.
But the truth is, you were not talking about Richard.
You were talking about yourself.
You were describing yourself.
You were the one who sent his men after me.
You were the one who desperately wanted the power of Orden.
You are the evil person.
You are the one who never cared for the family bond.
And how could you care for that when you killed your own father?
I am sure you have no answer for that question, do you?
Maybe you are jealous of the seeker.
YES.....You are jealous of the seeker.
That's why you pretended to be as good as he is and said that he was bad.
You want to exchange positions with him.
Because people love him and hate you.
Because people have been waiting for his birth as much as they have been waiting for you death.
Because our father loved him more than he loved you.
This is not only about survival.
You are not fighting the seeker just because he is destined to kill you.
No...You are fighting him because you feel that he is better than you.
Deep inside you, you are not fighting the seeker.
You are fighting your little brother who stole your father's love and attention.
And what proves what I say is that you never wanted to tell him the truth.
That he is your brother.
You never wanted him to feel that joy.
To let him know that our father loved him so much.
Deep inside you, you are just a child who is jealous of his young brother.
Everything you did was to show Richard as a weak person.
To show him, as well as the people, that our father was wrong when he chose him over you.
When he chose him to defeat you.
You are trying so hard to hate Richard and hate me.
But the truth is that, you are desperate to have a family.
You would give everything to return your family back, including your father.
Do you think I haven't seen that look on your face when I kissed you on your cheek?
I did see it, but I didn't know what it meant back then.
But now.....I do know.
As far as I can see, you are willing to do anything to have Richard and me on your side.
Not as allies, but as family.
You want a brother who will support you.
You want a brother who will help you.
You also want a sister who would put her hand on your shoulder to console you.
But, I am not sure you still have that chance.
I think you ruined it.
So, no matter how hard you try now.
It's over, Darken.
It's over, my fake brother.
The End
Let me know what you think of it :-)

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