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The Beauty and The Lord

Title: The Beauty and The Lord
Author: Valeria Anne
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairings: Darken/OC.
Spoilers: After "Tears"
Summary: Rahl meets a girl who was kidnapped by one of his Mord-Siths. Will her fate be like all the other girls that Rahl met before or not? 

I DO NOT own "The legend of The Seeker" TV series or "The Sword of Truth" Novel Series. The novel series is owned by Terry Goodkind. GOD BLESS HIM :-)

 Chapter 4: Just like I promised

It's been four days since Isabella was brought to the People's Palace. During this period of time, Rahl didn't go to her room; actually, he avoided seeing her. It was a part of his plan. It wasn't about pleasure anymore, it turned into a game. Over time, Rahl no longer wanted to have fun, but he wanted to show her that no one could defeat him. "She started that. Let her burn with it", he said to himself while staying beside the fireplace in his bedchamber.

In the first two days, Isabella has been waiting for him to enter the room at any time of day or night, but with each passing day she was surprised that he did not come to her room. At the beginning she was confused and surprised, but then she felt angry. She was thinking why he was keeping her if he was not going to..... come again like he said. It wasn't like she wished for him to come, but she couldn't understand his attitude. Was that his punishment for her for disobeying him?

In the next two days, Isabella began to understand how he was thinking. She discovered his plan. She was not stupid or naive. She knew how men thought. When she came to that conclusion, she smiled and said, "So that's your plan, lord Rahl. You want to play. You really think that your plan will make me crawl to you begging you to honor me with your touch". She knew that men thought the same way whatever their statuses were; kings or farmers, rich or poor, good guys or bad guys. They were all the same.

During that period since she entered the eastern room, Isabella saw no one but Nyla -her maid- who was bringing her food, preparing the bath for her although Isabella tried to persuade her that she could do this herself. She was not a princess and she was not brought up in a royal palace, but all her attempts failed. Nyla always insisted on helping Isabella with everything. This nice attitude made Isabella suspect the girl. Either that girl was really nice and helpful or was ordered to be that nice to Isabella and gain her trust for some reason. Actually, Isabella still couldn't believe that such a nice sweet girl could work in such a place. However, Isabella preferred to give Nyla the benefit of doubt. They spent time in the eastern room -since Isabella wasn't allowed to leave that room- speaking about many things, but Isabella was very careful not to speak to her about anything personal. While she was alone, Isabella spent her time reading a book she chose from the small library in the room. The book was entitled "The History of D'Hara". Although she wasn't interested in knowing anything about D'Hara, but it was the only way to waste time when Nyla was not around.


It was midnight when someone knocked the door. Isabella was -as usual- standing by the window watching the stars. She knew it was Nyla; she was the only one who came to her room, besides she always knocked before entering. Isabella -still watching the stars- said, "Enter", expecting Nyla's question, "May I come in??" She always asked that question before taking one step into the room. A few moments passed, and Isabella didn't hear anything. She smiled and said, "What's wrong, Nyla? Have you finally stopped asking that question?"

"It seems that you became friends with Nyla. I am glad you did".

It was Darken Rahl.

Isabella recognized the voice. She looked behind to find him looking at her, smiling and leaning on the door.

"What's wrong, Isabella? Won't you invite me in?" he said.

"I don't think you need my invitation to get in", she said, trying to hide her fear.

He closed the door and walked towards her, smiling proudly; he was sure that his plan worked and that she was willing to give him anything he wanted. He looked at her and said, "Here I am...again. Just like I promised". Isabella looked back at him and smiled and said, "I remember that I gave you a promise, too. Do you remember it, lord?" Rahl stopped for a moment, he knew what she meant, but no, "She wouldn't do it, maybe she is just teasing me", he thought. He was judging the whole situation based on his experience with all those girls that were brought to him before. He took a few steps forward the bed, pulled his dagger and placed it on the bedside table, then he looked at her and said, "See, I am trying to be gentle....again. I am offering you a new start, with no punishment for all you did before. I give you something, and you will give something in return. I think that's fair enough".

Rahl wasn't really trying to be nice to her. He was just acting. He knew that women could be easily deceived by a nice word or a gentle touch. He has used that strategy before, and he found out that it always worked. But when she gave no response, he knew for sure that his plan failed. Suddenly, he ran towards her. She was taken aback by his sudden move and tried to move away but it was too late. He had already grabbed her from her waist and threw her on the bed. She tried to push him away but that time he was stronger. Suddenly, she stopped moving and it seemed that she realized that she would lose this battle. He smiled at her -a little surprised- and said, "Good girl. Good and smart, too. It is better to surrender now rather than shortly after where the loss will be more painful". But he couldn't think but that she was crazy. Her actions were always unexpected. But he was pleased that she finally gave in, and even if she was deceiving him and planning to run away, he ordered his guards to watch the door. So, practically, there was no way out. He got up from the bed, walked towards the fireplace, and took off his upper robe. He placed it on a chair near the fireplace, and then he leaned towards the fireplace to lit a fire. With his back to her, he smiled and said, "It's quite a cold night, unlike the spring's nights, but I am sure we won't feel cold tonight. Right, Belle?" He waited for a few moments for her to answer, but when she didn't, he looked above his shoulder to see what she was doing. Once he set his eyes on her, his eyes gazed.

Isabella was holding Rahl's dagger to her belly, and looking at him with a look of disgust mixed with sadness and irony. Before he could say anything, she said "You really thought I was going to surrender that easily. Actually I thought my plan would never work. As far as I know, you are very smart, lord Rahl. How could you possibly think that a woman who fought you a few days ago, would just crash under your feet now?" Rahl stood up, looking at her, "Your plan? How did you know that I ......?" He couldn't complete the question. How did she know that he would put the dagger away? There was only one explanation for that; she knew that he was going to play Mr. Nice Guy and take the dagger away to make her feel comfortable and not scared of him. But how did she know? For a moment, he thought that she was a whore. Who understand how men think better than whores? But no, she didn't look like one, and if she was a whore, then why she was resisting him.

All these thoughts passed by his mind in a few moments, before he looked at her again, taking a few steps forward and laughing. "So you want to stab yourself? Fine, I don't mind. But..... I don't think you can do it". This time, Isabella couldn't smile; she knew that she was going to die tonight. "Is that what you really think? That I prefer your company for death?" Rahl started to be angry, and he didn't care to hide it anymore. He walked towards her, stretching his arm and said firmly, "I believe that it is time to put an end to this stupid game. Now, give me that dagger".

Isabella screamed at him, "If you take one step forward, I will kill myself. Actually, I don't care about my life that much, so let's just finish it now". Rahl was about to take one step towards her, when she held the dagger tight and stabbed herself.

"NOOOOOOOOO", Rahl screamed.

He ran towards her. He held her in his arms to see if she was dead or not. She was bleeding heavily. She looked at him and said in a low voice, "I am not like the others". That was the last thing she said before her head fell on his chest. Rahl was in a shock for a moment, and then he leaned to check her pulse. He carried her and placed her on the bed, and then he ran to the door. He opened it and shouted at the guard standing near the door. The guard ran to meet the orders his master.

"My lord? How can I serve you?" the guard said.

"Get me Mistress Heather. Immediately." Rahl shouted at the guard.

The guard ran to call Heather, while Rahl walked into the room and closed the room behind him. He walked towards the bed and looked at the dead body. That scene reminded him of memories he tried to bury years ago, and he thought he succeeded, but apparently he was wrong.

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